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What is Triton Athletic Boosters?


Triton Athletic Boosters consists of parents and staff who work to raise money to supplement the athletic programs at Mariner High School in Cape Coral, Florida.  The group meets monthly for planning and decision-making purposes, and members volunteer throughout the school year to help keep the athletic department running smoothly.

While Boosters works to adapt and fulfill needs as they arise, fundraising consists primarily of four ongoing programs: Concessions, Spirit Wear, an annual Car Show, and an annual Golf Tournament. New ideas are always welcome.


What does the Triton Athletic Boosters do?


Boosters operate three concession stands throughout the year – adjacent to the football field, the gym, and the baseball and softball fields. We strive to be open for all varsity games (and most JV and freshman games) for football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, wrestling, baseball, and softball, plus any special events the school might host at the fields, such as the Middle School Track meet.

Concession volunteers are always at a premium. Football games are the busiest since the crowds are the largest.  A staff of twelve is often required to keep things moving. However, there are many times in the winter and spring when we need to open three or more times per week, often operating more than one stand at a time.

Spirit Wear

Triton Athletic Boosters continues to expand its spirit wear program, offering a variety of products with various designs.  Boosters focus on school-wide, not sport-specific, items, allowing teams to hold their own apparel fundraisers without competition.

We sold a record number of items this year, thanks to the hard work of our committee. They keep prices as low as they can, as part of our mission is to foster spirit and pride in Triton Athletics.  Items are sold through the Spirit Store, located by the gym, at select home games, and at special events.


Golf Tournament

Every year, the Triton Boosters Annual Golf Tournament attracts a full field of golfers from around the area.  2017 was the 28th year for this fantastic and popular event, typically held at Coral Oaks Golf Course.  Funds are raised through entry fees and sponsorships. This year the golf tournament will take place on April 27, 2019.



Triton Athletic Boosters funds most of the athletic awards at Mariner High School.  We provide dessert and refreshments at each of the seasonal award nights and host the Varsity Sports Banquet at the end of the year, which all varsity athletes attend at no charge.

For any Mariner athletes selected for post-season honors, Boosters pays fees associated with attending banquets or playing in games.

Team Support

Boosters fund the membership in the Florida Athletic Coaches’ Association for all Mariner coaches.  This affords them access to resources including coaching clinics and insurance.  We also helped send several coaches to attend these clinics.

Boosters provided logistical and financial support to the basketball team for their trip to a prestigious tournament in New Orleans, LA, assisted with travel expenses for the boys' soccer team to travel to a similar tournament and helped fund the varsity football team’s trip to a summer clinic.

Boosters paid a portion of the tournament entry fees for the Wrestling, Track, and Baseball teams, and contributed to the Swim team.

We also contributed to the baseball team’s uniforms and purchased warm-up apparel for the volleyball and softball teams, and equipment bags for the girls' soccer team.

Boosters helped the baseball team run its annual Dodgeball Tournament fundraiser, including operating a concession.  We also sponsor a concession for the basketball team’s SWFL Basketball League fundraiser.

When teams advance in the regional playoffs, Boosters helps offset travel expenses.


How can I help?

The first step in participating with Triton Boosters is to join our mailing list. Then attend a meeting or talk with an officer.  See what we are about and figure out where your skills and interests might fit in.  Some members mostly attend meetings, giving opinions and feedback. Others rarely attend meetings but spend many hours in the concession stands or help with the Car Show, Golf Tournament, or Spirit Wear.

Triton Boosters exists to make things better for our student athletes at Mariner High School. Your involvement is crucial to our success.



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