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Triton Athletic Boosters


Triton Athletic Boosters consists of parents and staff working together to raise money for our Athletic Teams at Mariner High School in Cape Coral, Florida.  By doing so, we take the financial burden off of parents and enrich the athletic experience for our children.  Boosters meet monthly for planning and decision-making purposes, and members volunteer throughout the school year to help keep the athletic department running smoothly for our school and our kids.

Triton Athletic Boosters is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on fundraising throughout the year to fulfill team needs as they arise.  Fundraising time does count as volunteer hours for the kids. 

Our primary fundraisers this year will be: Concessions, Spirit Wear, a Dodgeball Tournament and of course, our annual Golf Tournament.


How does Triton Boosters help my Athlete?


Triton Athletic Boosters funds most of the athletic awards at Mariner High School.  There is an Award Night for each of the three athletic seasons; awards, desserts and refreshment are provided.

There is also an off-site Varsity Sports Banquet at the end of the year.  Awards and dinner are provided at no charge for all Varsity Athletes.


Tournaments and Outings

Boosters provide logistical and financial support for any team in need.  Last year we specifically helped the boys basketball team for tournaments in and out of state, we helped fund the varsity football team for a summer clinic, and we assisted with travel expenses for a similar event for the boys' soccer team.  All teams mean all teams, as Boosters also paid a portion of the tournament entry fees for the Wrestling, Track, and Baseball teams, and contributed to the Swim team.


Team Support

Boosters fund the membership of the Florida Athletic Coaches' Association for all our Mariner Coaches.  This affords coaches access to resources including coaching clinics and insurance.

Uniforms and apparel are often needed for our teams.  Boosters contribute to the baseball teams' uniforms and purchase warm-up apparel for the volleyball and softball teams, as well as equipment bags for the girls' soccer team.

How can Athletes help Triton Boosters?


Volunteering your time is all that is asked.  We promise not to over commit your time or your skills, as how much time is totally up to you!  It's as simple as 1 night helping at a concession stand, or making a gift basket for an auction.

But at a minimum, please join us for our monthly meetings where we discuss financial balances.  Come support your current coach requests for funds.  Also, we would appreciate your feedback on what is working and where we can improve.  To be in the know, simply join our mailing list.


How can I help?

The first step in participating with Triton Boosters is to join our mailing list. Then attend a meeting or talk with an officer.  See what we are about and figure out where your skills and interests might fit in.  Some members mostly attend meetings, giving opinions and feedback. Others rarely attend meetings but spend many hours in the concession stands or help with the Golf Tournament, or by selling Spirit Wear.

Triton Boosters exists to make things better for our student athletes at Mariner High School and to take financial burdens off of parents.

Your involvement is crucial to our success.



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