Triton Athletic Boosters

Supporting the Athletic Programs at Mariner High School


School Year 2019/2020 Meeting Information



June 12, 2019                    Minutes

July 2019   (No Meeting Scheduled)

August 1, 2019                  Minutes

September 9, 2019            Minutes

October 7, 2019                Minutes

November 4, 2019             Minutes

December 2, 2019             Minutes

January 15, 2020               Minutes

         February 2020    (No Meeting Scheduled)

March 9, 2020                   Minutes

          April 2020         (No Meeting - COVID-19)

          May 2020           Officer Meeting Minutes

          June 2020          Officer Meeting Minutes

         July 2020           (No Meeting Scheduled)






How can I help?

The first step in participating with Triton Boosters is to join our mailing list. Then attend a meeting or talk with an officer.  See what we are about and figure out where your skills and interests might fit in.  Some members mostly attend meetings, giving opinions and feedback. Others rarely attend meetings but spend many hours in the concession stands or help with the Fishing Tournament, Golf Tournament, or Spirit Wear.

Triton Boosters exists to make things better for our student athletes at Mariner High School. Your involvement is crucial to our success.

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