Triton Athletic Boosters

Supporting the Athletic Programs at Mariner High School

Social Media

Visit us on Twitter (@Tritonboosters1) and Instagram (Triton_athletic_boosters) !

How to send pictures to the Triton Athletic Booster (TAB) Club through Instagram.

1.       Follow triton_athletic_boosters on Instagram

2.       Click on the arrow (that looks like a paper airplane) in the right-hand corner of your Instagram home page.

3.       Click the +

4.       Type in triton_athletic_boosters in the “To:” box.

5.       Click “Next” in the right-hand corner.

6.       At the bottom it says “message”. Provide a description of the game/event you are sending me pictures/videos of and any other information you want to provide.

7.       Next to ‘message’ you will see the photo icon. It looks like a mountain with a sun/moon.

8.       Click on the photo icon.

9.       Your camera roll will pop up.

10.   Click on the pictures/videos you want to send.

11.   Click “send”.

12.   Instagram only lets you post up to 10 pictures and/or videos. Please limit the pictures/videos you send to 10 or less.